We offer a comprehensive response service to intruder alarms in accordance with British Standards and Codes of Practice. Once alerted by your Alarm Monitoring Station, we will dispatch a mobile response officer to your premises to investigate.

Our Response Officer will:

This service has many benefits including:

3 Lions Security Limited is a positive company with excellent standing and has clear ideas about its present and future direction. Furthermore, we are wholeheartedly committed to providing a quality service and where possible, adding value to customer security requirements.

Lock Up & Unlock

Premises locked, alarmed and secured – peace of mind for business owners

Our security lockup and unlock service takes away the stress and fear that staff may feel whilst unlocking or locking premises each day. 3 Lions Security staff will attend the site unlock, turn off alarms and check the building prior to staff arriving. Then in the evening as the last employee leaves we can check the building, set the alarm and secure the premises.

Whatever your Security Guarding needs we build the service around you

3 Lions Security Limited offers a host of bespoke security guarding services to its customers throughout the Northamptonshire region. Working closely with our clients, businesses and residential clients we review your requirements and build our service around your needs.

We specialise in creating a secure environment leading towards the reduction of theft, criminal damage and anti-social behaviour.Whatever your security issues, we will review your situation and provide a bespoke security solution which can be relied upon. Our Security Officers are carefully selected and trained to deliver a reliable, professional and caring service.

3 Lions Security ” taking pride in our business”