Qualified Security Professionals

Northamptonshire Security Services

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3 Lions Security Limited personal are all SIA licensed, qualified security professionals their training is regularly updated. All our staff are articulate, trained communicators and are fluent in the English language. It is essential that all our staff are excellent in communication to enable them to diffuse situations quickly and discreetly should the need arise, and also to offer reassurance and clear instruction when needed. At 3 Lions Security Limited we endeavour to get to know our staff well. They are appraised on a regular basis and are deployed with their particular areas of strength in mind. All 3 Lions Security Limited personnel are contracted to adhere to our strict company/client confidentiality procedures.

When you need to protect yourself, your loved ones, your property and your valuable assets, you can’t settle for second best. For reliable security services in Northamptonshire and surrounding areas including patrols and alarm response, security guards, events and party security, 3 Lions Security Limited is your trusted, quality assured and locally-based security company.

Our security solution will be tailored for your environment in accordance with legislation and your personal requirements. We recruit based on our values and train our Officers in customer service and compliance. They are supported by a managerial team who give guidance and advice on all matters pertaining to protective security.

3 Lions Security Delivering excellence through a bespoke and professional security service that supports clients and provides assurance and certitude

Flexibility and Business Continuity

We have experienced experts on hand to ensure our service is set up in an appropriate manner, to ensure compliance and peace of mind. We use an audited quality system and proven procedures to provide clear instructions and ensure everyone knows how to do their job safely and productively.

We also provide effective management structures, to strike a balance between the delivery and the management of the service. This means we can give you the flexibility you need to adjust our service, with minimal disruption to your business.

Flexibility and Business Continuity
The Human Touch

The Human Touch

The 3 Lions Security Limited approach is to add “human touch” to our service, through a friendly smile, being approachable and knowledgeable , flexible to make changes to suit customer needs and engaged to give great customer service.

We directly employ, which gives us accountability and thorough training procedures, with regular refresher courses. We rotate our teams through different areas to reduce fatigue, which is when mistakes are likely to occur. If incidents are raised, they are thoroughly investigated by the Supervisor and therefore corrective action can quickly be taken.

We understand that our teams are human and should be treated as such, resulting in a great service level for our customers and their passengers.