Privacy Policy

This portion of the website intends to inform our users about the use of collected information. No personal information is asked for, only information of users regarding website accessibility and use is collected.

Users of this website have complete control on what information they want to share and what they don’t. However, if you don’t share some of the information asked for, you will not be allowed to access some pages of this website.

All the information is collected when you are using the website or are making a call to the advertiser. This information may be stored and used later.

We collect

The information collected when you use this website will be used as mentioned in this segment of the privacy policy. It could be used to customize the website or to know your interests. This information is used to ensure that you find the information and offers that interest you on the website. This process is known as advert targeting.

We can also track the use of the website. We may undertake this task ourselves or hire other organizations to do it on our behalf and share the findings with us. This is basically done to

It is to track these things that the information regarding the route you take to visit the website, way you use the website, and the pages you visit using on-device storage elements like web beacons and cookies is retained.

If you reach the advertiser through the phone number provided on the website, your phone number and the date, day, time, and length of the call. Other details that may be recorded include whether your call was responded to or not. These details are then sent to the advertiser to see how effective the website is.

The information collected from you may be shared with

In case of any requests for information from government and law enforcement agencies, the information will only be provided after establishing legal grounds.

There are occasions when the information collected from you is sent outside the European Economic Area or EEA. When this happens, we make sure that all your information is properly protected. When you use the website, you are indirectly agreeing on storing, processing, and sharing your information outside the EEA.

We follow standard security policies to protect all the information collected from our users.

The right to making changes to the privacy policy on this website rests with us. You may want to check the privacy policy every time you use our website.